Hiking Community Group

6/14 – TPam_leading_hike[1]yrolian Trail  

Seven ladies hiked the Tyrolian Trail above Lake Tahoe. Three ladies new to SYNC joined us and lasting relationships were made. What an awesome time with views provided by our Creator!  Praise and prayer time was shared by the group at our view overlook of Lake Tahoe.

We met to carpool at Raley’s parking lot.  Another hiking group had just departed when a lady drove up looking for that group. We told her they had left and invited her to join us, telling her who we were and representing SYNC. She was thrilled to find a group of Christian ladies, and joined us, praising God for meeting up with us. Welcome, Linda!


IMG_4439[1]6/28 – Rubicon Trail

We hiked  the Rubicon Trail from Bliss State Park on the West shore of Lake Tahoe to Emerald Bay and return.  Three survivors made the entire 9 mile trip!  Three others chose to shorten their hike and enjoy some time at the beautiful beach at Bliss Park. For some reason, this trail became much more challenging and had more elevation gains than the last time I hiked it – maybe just the heat, or an extra 10 years on my body?  The views of Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay made it all worth the challenge!

– Lakes Basin above Graeagle

Five ofHike Lakes Basin Long Lake us hiked from Gold Lake Lodge to 5 lakes (Big Bear, Little Bear, Cub, Silver Lake and Long Lake). Looped to campground and Elwell Lodge then back to parking at Gold Lake Lodge. It was a beautiful picture-perfect day complements of our Creator.  About 5 miles. We enjoyed lunch overlooking Long Lake and shared our faith and how to have peace and no fear in a world full of chaos.  On our way home we stopped in Graeagle for the mandatory ice cream reward at the Coffee shack at Mill Pond- a perfect end to a perfect day.