Creative Journaling Meeting Updates

For the May meeting:

Winter weather may have slowed us down, but we will not be deterred! The birds, bee are busy. Trees and bulbs are starting to flower and the roses are growing their leaves. Young quail are emerging from their hidden nests, looking like miniature copies of the parents they scurry behind as they learn the rules of quail survival. he doves are cooing, crows cawing, and hares race across the road in their age-old game of chicken.

Writers and writers-to-be will also emerge from their winter shelters and meet to share experiences and glean wisdom from our group leader, Kathy Backman, Join them at Plumas Bank Community Room, 5050 Meadowood Mal Circle, Reno on Monday, May 1. Come early, 12:30, and get to know others in the group. The meeting begins officially at 1:00. Although we would like you to contact Kathy to let her know that you are coming, don’t let it stop you if you have been unable to do so – just show up! You are always welcome!

For the February meeting:

Write a one paragraph prayer on a loose piece of paper. Start the prayer with one truthful declarative sentence that reveals the heart of the matter you’re bringing before the Lord—your deepest concern or deepest joy or your deepest struggle or your deepest wonder, on the day you write the prayer.

Conclude the prayer with one conclusion sentence stating how you are sincerely feeling after you write it.

Re-write prayer in the journal you’ve started—even if it’s not your prayer journal.

For the January meeting:

Snow and ice continued through January and classes were canceled and rescheduled several times. The decision was made to make no further attempts to meet in January. This group will next meet as scheduled, February 6th, from 12:30 to 2:30.

Think on writing your next journal entry based on one truthful statement from the heart — short and to the point. Then expand on that one truth, freed from any other eyes looking over your shoulder–as one washed in forgiveness and renewed from the power of Christ’s blood. Curb your adjectives to almost none. Use good verbs and good nouns.

December 5, 2016

What’s the difference between a Journal and a Diary? A Diary is an account of events you experience in each day.

A Journal is a chronicled expression of how one acknowledges, addresses, and conquers a challenge. The challenges range from trauma or crisis to travel logs and comments or synopsis of events for future publishing purposes like letter writing, newsletters, webpages, novels, etc. The challenge you choose to document is personal, private and sometimes involves removing entries to ensure the privacy of what you express. Journal entries are sometimes made daily, sometimes once a week, or month depending on the nature of the challenge. Journalists use various techniques to document their expressions and progress that helps them reach their goal—conquering their challenge. And many times a journalist will keep more than one journal at a time for each challenge they are inspired to document.

Starting a journal entry with a single, truthful declarative sentence is a great way to get started. Be prepared to be challenged when you consider writing down one truthful, declarative sentence. Often I want to write an emotional, hopeful sentence that avoids the heart of the matter. What I’ve learned is if I prayerfully approach my challenge with truthful consideration my writing sings, my entries transform into heartfelt prayers and the blessings that follow each entry are Christ centered. Remember what David writes in Psalm 139.

Our God and Creator knows our every thought before the words leave our mouths. He knitted us in our mother’s whom.
Where can we go from his Spirit? How can we hide from his love?

Being truthful, trusting God with your thoughts, and relinquishing the impulse to fluff the truth of your circumstances and how you feel about those circumstances draws us closer to Him and in turn our hearts will sing as we write it down in our Journals.

Hope to see you January 16 at 12:30, Plumas Bank’s community room, on Meadowwood Mall Circle.

Kathy Backman