Join a SYNC Group!!

——————————–  C  ——————————–


 Cowgirls for Jesus – Community Group

Josie Martin
Cowgirls for Jesus Redo 3

Unite and reach out through a shared love of horses. 




Creative Journaling

Kathleen Backman

        Take a personal prayer journey through creative journaling.



——————————–  D  ——————————–


Dress a Girl Around the World

Sewing Group

Krista Jensen

Provide as many dresses as possible to young, vulnerable
in the United States and around the world.



——————————–  E  ——————————–


Annie Munn

Screenshot - 5_14_2016 , 2_22_22 AM

Be ready to help when that extra set of helping hands is needed by
Awaken, Pathfinders, Nevada House of Prayer, New Life Christian Center
and Life Changing Community Outreach.


——————————–  H  ——————————–


Healthy Living – Mind, Body & Soul

Tricia Grinsell & Carol Stasiewicz  fb-f-logo__blue_100

 Health Living 2

Learn how to live healthier lives by balancing mind, body and soul
using Biblical principles and five essential components:
Food, Fitness, Focus, Faith, and Friends.





Pam Butters & Pam Korgan 

Hiking Redo


Be a part of this opportunity to have
a refreshing day out while building relationships.


——————————–  L  ——————————–


Learning Reflexology Together

Joan Campbelljoan-c

Learn a new way to “Detox” by both giving and receiving
meaningful foot, hand, and ear massage.foot-points-photo


——————————–  N  ——————————–


Nifty Needles

Pat Eby

Nifty Needles Redo3


Quilting is a fun way to create something that can be both beautiful and useful
while making new friends that share your interest.

——————————–  S  ——————————–


Self-care for Busy Women

Facebook Page fb-f-logo__blue_100

Nicolette Pruett


Join this Facebook page to get tips and suggestions for
consciously carving out “negative space” for doses of healing
invigorating moments of personal attention that help busy women to rejuvenate.




Pam Butters


S  Spiritual Gifts

H  Hearts’ Desires (passions)

A  Abilities and Talents

P Personality

E Experiences of Life



Step by Step – Let’s Walk Together

Nancy  Sagan


Get healthier with the added benefit of
changing scenery and supportive friends!





——————————–  W  ——————————–


W.O.W. Marriage
(Women on the Word)

Carolyn Vester

WOW Rdo 3

Wives, join us as we gather Biblical  nuggets
that will definitely enhance your marriage. 

*****All meetings are confidential*****