GLS Review – The Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit

I Was There, Were You?

There seemed to be something for everybody at the Global Leadership Summit. I attended the event at Grace Church on Robb Drive in Reno. I was glad to see members of the Reno Police Department and the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department represented at the event. It makes me proud to know that our law enforcement members are making a conscious effort to improve their leadership skills, which can only lead to better relationships between citizens and civil servants.

Some of the speakers presented a strong Christian presence while others were all business. Each was entertaining, however, and I found myself laughing heartily during many of the presentations. Some of the sessions were strongly relevant and some less so, since I don’t foresee leading a large corporation at this point in my life. (Hmmmm……or does God have those plans for me????) Whatever the situation may be, each session resonated with me on at least one point each. Emotional intelligence, choosing the right members when building a team, and long-term goal planning all struck a chord.

So much was presented that required me to think that I found myself reeling from sensory overload by the end of the summit. Some of the materials that were distributed prior to the summit made a point that has had a strong impact on me. Each one of us has the potential to be a leader. Are you a visionary? Do you have a knack for choosing the right direction for an organization? Do your skills lean toward developing strategies, managing, motivating or shepherding? Do you have a talent for team building? Do you prefer startups or re-engineering?  Maybe you have the ability to build bridges and create accord. You already have a style given to you by God when He made you. It is time to discover what that style is, develop it, and trust God to put you where it is needed. Get courageous. Shake the fear of leadership off of your sandals. Step up and step into leadership in faith.

P.S.: If you are being led to learn more, check out the GLS website. They are already selling tickets for next years event. Don’t ignore the call — step up!


Joan Campbell
SYNC Administrative Core Team