Come to an Ice Cream Social and see how a playground can grow from an asphalt garden! Saturday, July 22nd



Life Changing Community Awareness Event

and Ice Cream Social

A Collaboration between SYNC Encouragers and New Life Christian Center

The Encouragers is one of SYNC’s most active community groups. The paraphrased mission of the Encouragers is to support specific mission and outreach organizations and projects by providing volunteers for special events. SYNC is supporting the Encouragers in their new project to get the word out about a playground project in the inner city by putting on a community  “party” in the form of an Ice Cream & Popcorn social.

Life Changing Community Awareness is a project of New Life Christian Center. Their purpose is to direct focus to the inner city in a way that will affect positive change. Children in the inner city neighborhoods surrounding Spokane and E 4th Streets do not have a safe place to play. Unsafe empty lots and busy streets are currently their only options. This playground and family center project is the next step in helping our neighbors to realize positive change and growth in their environments.

An old and well-known proverb of unknown origins (possibly Chinese) states:

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day,

Teach him how to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.

These efforts are NOT about doing FOR the people. Working from the inside out, they give encouragement, support, and guidance to families and individuals in the area. Through this project neighbors have been discovering how they can personally affect and realize positive change in their own neighborhoods. For example, the playground and family center will be built by the ultimate users, members of this community.

You can be a valuable support to this project and show that you care about what happens to the people of Reno’s inner city. How?

Pray for them!

Get the word out!

Come to the Ice Cream Social!


Watch this page for additions and changes to event information.

You can print SAVE THE DATE and LCCA EVENT & ICE CREAM SOCIAL flyers below.