Women’s Detox: “Healthy Balanced Living – Mind, Body, & Spirit” (October 15 SYNC Event)




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 Detox is a program that has been developed by Stonecroft to offer women
a way to reduce the pressure from their daily lives.
Join us on Saturday, October 15th for a morning of learning how we can “de-stress” our lives while meeting new friends.
Registration is available on Eventbrite as of September 1st.
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You will be given the opportunity to attend your choice of one topic
in each of the 
three sessions scheduled for the morning.
A tentative schedule has been given here, but it is currently subject to change.
Below the schedule is an alphabetically organized description of each topic.
While a few of the breakout groups will be offered as a one-time session, some  session leaders have offered
to follow up with the creation of a continuing group or a specified number of additional meetings.
You also are invited to join groups that have already been established.
Watch this page for dynamic descriptions of what will be offered at the SYNC Detox event.


Detox Breakout Schedule 

(Tentative Schedule, Subject to Change)

Session 1:      Self-Care for Busy Moms — Raising Hope — Stretch and Tone at Home
Session 2:      Family Culture and Values — Just in Case — Practicing Present over Perfect
Session 3:      Simple Healthy Meals — Marriage Enrichment — Calm Amidst the Chaos of Life

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Detox Breakout Topic Descriptions

(Listed Alphabetically)


Calm Amidst the Chaos of Life (Karen Goodrick)

tropical_cyclone_hurricane_isabel_219972This session will help you to understand why you react the way you do in the course of stressful life situations. We will explore practical ways to manage the chaos of our everyday lives. Don’t we all long for peace in our homes and harmony in our relationships? Let’s discover the secret together!


Family Culture and Values  (Sarah Devaney) 

Never mind the Jbusy_lion_family_513986oneses! Build core Christian values in a way that fits YOUR family culture. We see pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest of families enjoying camping, days at the beach, soccer, baseball, and ballet together. It’s easier now, more than ever, to feel inadequate. What is our family culture?  In all the activities and busy-ness, how can we find time to pass down Biblical values to our kids? In this breakout we will discuss what those values are and how to integrate them into our own unique family culture.


“Just in Case: How to be Self-Sufficient when the Unexpected Happens” – Marietta Steward

help_183325Some of the information Marietta shares in this session is based on the book, “Just in Case: How to be Self-Sufficient when the Unexpected Happens”, by Kathy Harrison. Marietta currently leads a Grief Recovery group, as well as a widow’s support group, at Grace Church.



Stretch and Tone at Home – Sheryl Laguna 

Stretching-300x240Fitness is a natural extension of everyday living and a great way to unwind and relieve stress. I will show you a 30-minute workout you can do right in your own home.

Marriage Enrichment – Carolyn Vester – (See W.O.W. Marriage)

alliance_marriage_loveOften married couples find that they can take the big things in stride, but may become stressed and derailed by the little things. Carolyn will use humor and her knowledge of Biblical principles to give guidance and answer questions from those who have a desire to de-stress and enrich their marriages through right thinking and attitudes. Come to this session armed with plenty of questions! You can continue to learn from Carolyn by joining her group, W.O.W. Marriage.


Practicing Present Over Perfect (Linda Lorring) 

YPresentou are invited to de-stress by stretching and relaxing through both physical and mindful activities.

  • Stretch your mind, spirit and soul by discussing a reading from Shauna Niequist’s book, “Present over Perfect.” Shauna invites readers to transform their lives by “leaving behind busyness and frantic living and rediscovering the person you were made to be.” It is a “hand reaching out, pulling you free from the constant pressure to perform faster, push harder, and produce more, all while maintaining an exhausting image of perfection.”
  • Follow up with moving and relaxing your physical body, creating an opportunity to practice compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience toward yourself.

Linda will be offering additional and expanded sessions in her community group.

NOTE: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes so you can easily move around.

Raising Hope (Pam Butters)

gz_all-free-download.comWhat can you do when you find yourself sinking into discouragement?  Is there still HOPE?  We will explore 7 practical key factors that you can build into your life to raise your Hope Quotient (HQ) side by side with foundational promises and truth from God’s word.  We will use “The Hope Quotient” by Ray Johnston and invite you to attend any or all of five follow up sessions.



Self-Care for Busy Moms (Nicolette Pruett)

285_2652x1868_all-free-download.com_3154485Nicolette, who has two preschoolers of her own, knows that Moms with young children tend to have no time for themselves. Even a shower becomes a family affair. Valuable self-time can help moms to become happier and less-harried parents. Nicolette will offer tips and suggestions for consciously carving out “negative space” for doses of healing and invigorating moments of personal attention that help busy mothers to rejuvenate.

Simple Healthy Meals (Tricia Grinsell) 

vegetable_with_ham_and_egg_193739When trying to feed your family, simple, healthy, and quick may sound like an impossible task. In this breakout, Tricia will offer some tips and solutions for getting it right while keeping it simple. She will share how she manages to eat in a healthy way, even with a crazy-busy schedule, and will make some suggestion for how others can do so as well. You can continue to learn from Tricia by joining her community group, Simple Healthy Meals. In her future sessions you will be sharing healthy recipes and ideas for surviving all of the holiday gatherings without sacrificing your health.



Established Community Groups

(may be seasonal)

SYNC groups are expected to create a “safe” atmosphere where women can participate in a fun activity and develop friendships while witnessing the joy of Christian life within a comfortable and friendly environment. All are welcome and leaders will NOT pressure participants to become Christians, yet they will be willing to share and answer questions if asked.

Additional information can be found on some of the groups listed below by clicking on “Community Groups” on the top menu bar on this webpage. Some of the groups have created or will be creating Facebook accounts that you can join and follow.

Baking is for Everyone (Ruth Zerr)

This group meets to learn to bake items from unique to standard, plain to fancy. Members are expected, however, to pay for the ingredients that they use for their creations.

Cowgirls for Jesus (Josie Martin)

Group members have been getting together for trail rides. Those who have transportation for their horses are generous and willing to share their trailers with those who need it. The rides are arranged around the weather, so be prepared for changes in the calendar! Other activities are being considered that are not dependent on the weather. This is a ministry that includes Bible studies meant to inspire, uplift, encourage and empower.

DAG – Dress a Girl (Cheryl Schricker)

This group is dedicated to supplying dresses for children in need throughout the world. Some participants sew the dresses from a simple pattern while others may cut the fabric and create “kits” for those who have time to sew at home. Special patches indicate that the girl is cared for and will be looked for, deterring potential kidnappers. Even if you don’t participate in creating the dresses, this group will always appreciate donations of colorful 100% cotton fabric or cash to help purchase supplies.

Encouragers (Annie Munn)

The Encouragers’ mission is to offer the opportunity for busy women to serve the needs of women and children in the most distressed part of our city. They provide encouragement and a helping hand to AWAKEN, Pathfinders, Nevada House of Prayer, and New Life Christian Center. Volunteers write encouraging notes and prayer, tutor children, supply a helping hand for events, and provide assistance in other ways as the need arises and within available skills and abilities.

Hiking (Pam Butters)

This group also schedules their hikes around the weather. They set up different hikes based on skill level so they are always looking for new leaders that can plan and execute the hikes.

Nifty Needles (Pat Eby)

The primary focus of this group is quilting. Pat is a talented quilter that enjoys sharing her skills and spending time with those with the same interest. They meet monthly. Members are expected to purchase their own supplies for this activity.

W.O.W. Marriage (Carolyn Vester)

This group meets bi-monthly with a focus on enriching marriage through Biblical behaviors and principles. Their vision is:

  • to reach married women in the community and to help to strengthen their personal relationships with God by preparing them to be greater influences in their homes and shape the future of generations to come, and
  • to provide their husbands with moral and spiritual help by supporting God’s instructions to women.

ALSO: Sierra Christian Women’s Club (Patty Bender, Chairperson)

This group is actually a “sister” of SYNC, not a group under SYNC. Both SCWC (Sierra Christian Women’s Club) and SYNC (Seeking Your Niche in Christ) operate with the guidance of Stonecroft. SCWC holds a luncheon every two months (the next is in October). Anyone that is interested is invited to join them. Additional information about the luncheons can be found by clicking on “Sierra Christian Women’s Club” on the SYNC top menu bar. Group members also meet regularly to pray for anything from our world, country and family to the smallest of needs and praises.

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