A Great Day at Detox

Detox_Logo_Moss_bkgrnd(A Review – Joan Campbell)

October 15th was a great day in a lot of ways. Many women showed up at the Airport Plaza the afternoon before to help set up the venue. I missed the opportunity to thank them and would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for stepping up. Ladies, thank you so very much for your gracious service! As always, staff members were very helpful and kind, putting up with our somewhat-chaotic process with patience and grace.

Friday and Saturday did not go by without complications. Check out our From the Director post  for more about the Pleas and Praises that went to God on Friday and Saturday!

We had a tasty breakfast that offered options for most palates, including scrambled eggs with cheese, fruit, bagels and cream cheese, yogurt, cereal, coffee and orange juice. The room looked beautiful, and the ladies enjoyed an opportunity to get to know each other over breakfast. Our keynote speaker was stuck in California, her flights canceled, yet we know that God uses all things for His good. Karen Goodrick, previously an employee of Stonecroft, stepped up and did a perfect job of bringing everything together and encouraging the ladies to join together.

Our biggest complaint was that everyone couldn’t attend every session! The second largest was that the sessions were not long enough. Our breakout leaders did a beautiful job of giving the ladies some useful information while encouraging them to join community groups. Many of those resources will soon be posted on this site so that you can have the opportunity to get a taste of the experience if you missed it.

A few new community groups have been added and some will be starting as soon as a time and location can be set that will work best for the members. Our new groups include Raising Hope, Calm Amidst the Chaos of Life, Learning Reflexology Together, Creative Journaling, Practicing Present Over Perfect, SHAPE, and a Facebook group – Self-care for Busy Women. Hiking and Cowgirls for Jesus will start up again in the spring, but the Cowgirls do have some ideas for reaching out that they will be working on until then. Healthy Balanced Living will start meeting again, possibly under the name of Simple Healthy Meals. The group is still active on Facebook. Take a look at our COMMUNITY GROUPS tab (on the menu at the top of the page) to get updates on the what, when, and where of our new and continuing groups. Check back often because the pages and are dynamic and will be changed as new information is received.

I am excited to see that some of the ladies that attended are looking forward to becoming leaders, assisting leaders, or helping with our next event . Look for it in the spring! SYNC is growing and reaching out, and God is Good!

If you have anything that you would like to say about the event that I can include here, let me know by sending an email to SYNC@SYNCreno.org. Subject line: “JOAN: Detox Input”