Celebrate Your Value to Give Value

(Submitted by Carolyn Vester)

You know, women, we often find ourselves lifting up and inspiring many people in our lives, including our spouses, children, relatives or friends. However, we never seem to find the time to celebrate ourselves. But it takes time to take a good look at who we really are. When you can take a child from birth and nurture, teach, protect, instill moral values and give that child the kind of love only a mother can give, the results are a child that turns out to be an outstanding addition to our society.

God put everything in you that those in your life will ever need from you in order to achieve His goals for their lives. His goals for the children within your influence will not be achieved without your loving touch and the wisdom He gives you for them. Perhaps it is your spouse into whom you have poured your energy, love, admiration and prayers. In return, he achieves his maximum potential. Maybe it is neither child nor spouse that you pour your love into, but another family member, friend, co-worker, or even a mother or father. Women, we have a valuable gift to share. Every time you open your heart to give, someone gets blessed by your wisdom, love, understanding, patience, or maybe just your calm quiet spirit.

We are so valuable to the Lord that He puts everything on this earth before He allows us to be brought onto it. He doesn’t want us to lack any good thing. Just think of yourself as a gift, wrapped and presented to the world by God our Father. He will always bring pleasure through us to those fortunate enough to receive us.