October Update from the Director

Pam Korgan Profile PhotoFriday was a day of praises and pleas.

October 14th – A ferocious wind had been blowing and rain had been pounding on and off throughout the night. The day began for me before dawn where I was snuggled under soft covers praising God for his faithfulness in guiding our SYNC team…HIS Team!rainbow-2016-10-14

Then I began to notice that it was getting lighter outside, yet it remained totally dark within the house. The electricity was off! Knowing that the day was already packed and needing a shower, I called the gym to see if they had power. Yes! Praise God!

On my way to the gym a splendid rainbow lit up the sky. I just had to pull over and praise God for keeping his promises. Of course I had to take a pic and text it out with a message of his faithfulness 🙂

skyline-fireAs soon as I hit ‘send’ an urgent email popped up from a friend saying, “Fire! We’ve been evacuated.” My next prayer was a plea, “God, keep residents and firefighters safe. Please help them find places for frightened animals and help firefighters put the fire out quickly.” God did and I heard that only structures were lost.

Again, I took the opportunity to praise Him and thank Him.light-bulb

After showering I headed for home to pack my car with stuff for Saturday’s SYNC Detox event. Praise God the power came back on and I could see what I was packing!

On my way to the venue to set up for the event my prayer was, “Praise you Father for the beautiful women who have worked so hard to make this event excellent for you! Praise you for the team’s heart to make every woman who comes to feel loved and honored!”

prayer-circle-2We took a break during set-up and joined hands in a circle to praise God and to make a plea to Him that he would touch the heart of every woman coming the next day.

cancelled-flightsMy phone buzzed. It was our speaker, Rachel Lohman. As it was connecting in my mind that she wasn’t on a plane due to arrive momentarily, she told me that her flight had been cancelled and she was driving to catch a flight at another airport. We went to our Lord with another plea, but Rachel arriving in on that day Reno was not in God’s plan. Her next message informed us that her alternate flight had also been cancelled and she was emailing her talk. I told her we were grateful that she was safe and that God would be faithful to provide.

Karen GoodrickHe did! Praise God for Karen Goodrick who was already coming to Detox to do a breakout (perfectly named ‘Calm Amidst the Chaos of Life’). Karen had previously been on staff at Stonecroft with Rachel’s exact job! (Isn’t God just the best?!!!)

God answered our prayers to reach women’s hearts. In fact he blessed Saturday’s event in every way possible. Our breakout leaders were excellent! Three new community groups were formed so we now have thirteen,  Many women signed up for community groups, to help with the next event, or to be contacts to help spread the word.

Throughout all of Friday’s ups and downs I kept thinking about that morning’s rainbow, how I trusted that God would be faithful to provide safety for those affected by the fire, and that HIS event would be wonderful. I realized that I had been feeling complete peace throughout the day. More importantly, several women had independently come to me to share the news of the peace that they had been feeling throughout the day as well. Even with lots of people, lots of tasks to be done, and lots of challenges, God’s peace reigned!

Praise you, Lord, for your faithfulness to us yesterday, today and forever!!!