Prayer Corner

(Submitted by Carolyn Vester)

Greetings, Ladies!

Isn’t this a glorious time and season? It’s a time to thank God for His infinite grace, mercy, wisdom and love!  With each passing season we so often tend to forget about all of the wonderful gifts God has given us and focus on the upsets, struggles and trying circumstances that life seems to bring our way. Please, pause and really look around you at His precious gifts. Look at the wonderful spouse God has given you to share your life with, or those beautiful children that fill your life with joy. Perhaps you have the pleasure of experiencing those extra-special grandchildren who warm your heart, or a special friend without whom your life would be empty.  Where you live may not yet be your mansion, but it may be a gathering place for your family and friends. What about the job where you are allowed to display your talents? If you are not employed it is a great blessing to be maintained and sustained by God. Regardless of how little we feel we possess, there are still countries full of people who don’t have a fraction of what we have yet they find happiness, peace and joy.

We are blessed to live a country where we can be free to live our lives the way we choose, to worship God freely and where we please.  So when things seem somewhat confusing, don’t lose sight of the marvelous gifts that God has placed all around us and please, never take them for granted.

God’s Blessings