“A Hundred Ripples”

Presented by Terry Meredith at the
Women in SYNC Expo, March 12, 2016

water ripples



Are you the Ripple?
Are you the Pond?
Are you the Stone?


Are you the Hand that tossed the Stone?
Are you the Path along the shore?
Are you the Shoes worn?
Are you the Thought on the summer’s day?
Are you the One who turned away?

Whatever you choose to do,
It affects both me and you.
Take the path not well worn,
Be the light inside the storm.
Reach out your hand, meet someone new,
Be the first to grow to two.

Yes, more will show and join your band,
Holding fast to each other’s hand.
More hands will toss, ripples will grow,
More ideas will flourish, generations will glow.

It all began with a little stone
With intention and a direction thrown.
Take the lead, show the way,
Spread your grace, begin today.