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SYNC Newsletter 1

December, 2015

Women in SYNC Expo and Program Launch

Saturday, March 12, 2015

The SYNC Core Team is pleased to announce that the SYNC launch event will be held on Saturday, March 12. We are praying that many of you will step up as volunteers for planning and organizing tasks, or for assisting on the day of the event.

The SYNC event is being strategically scheduled to follow Beth Moore’s presentation.  The program is being developed to offer women in our community, where they are and as they are, an opportunity to expand their networks across cultural and denominational lines. Women will receive support as they see faith in action through friendship relationships, as well as for recognizing and utilizing opportunities for sharing their faith. There are many positions currently available that will offer women the chance to practice their leadership skills on many levels. There are also many service options for those who are not yet ready to take on a leadership role.

We are compiling a list of small special-interest groups and need your input. What would you like to do with a group of women? Quilting, hiking, and exploring the use of color are some of the suggestions that have been given.

E-mail suggestions for groups, offers to volunteer, or questions to You can also call the SYNC administrator’s desk any day after 12:00 at 775/432-7079.

Save Your Shoes for SYNC’s First Fundraiser

There are several companies that help people in third-world countries to start micro-businesses by supplying gently-used shoes as stock. Non-profit organizations can raise funds by collecting those shoes for the company. The companies arrange a specific date range (from 4 weeks to 2 months) for the campaign to run. We will be supplying you with more information about the project at a later date. Please start collecting shoes now so that we will have a successful fundraiser. (NO snow boots, please!)