Prayer Corner

by Carolyn Vester

ThroIMG_2407 (1)ughout the Bible, women have been given specific assignments to accomplish, each one a God-given purpose. It’s not very different today, ladies. Each one of us has been gifted and equipped with very specific purposes to accomplish while residing on this earth.

Some women find their purpose very quickly and are working diligently to bring them to completion. Some are so unsure of the way they need to go that they seek outside influences for direction. Some women, out of fear, don’t go any direction at all. Whatever position you find yourself in, just know this:

Women are very special to God and important to His plan for this earth. He will give you whatever is necessary to achieve every part of what he wants you to do. 

You may wonder, “Just how do I connect with the Father to understand His will for me?” The answer is through heartfelt, earnest prayer. Because when we (women) pray, God hears and always answers.