Quiet Moments with the Savior – A Devotion

Compiled by Linda Lorring

My King, Who Chose Me

You whom I have taken from the ends of the earth and have called from the corners of it and said to you, You are My servant – I have chosen you. Isaiah 41:9

It’s so hard for me to believe that You chose me to represent You to the world.

Lord, I feel so inadequate to be called Your princess. I want to be what You’ve called me to be, but I don’t know how. I need You to help me let go of who I think I am and become who You say I am. I know that You’ve given me a free will and that You would never force me to live for You, yet I want to be totally devoted to You. I want to leave a legacy with my life. I want the world to know I’m Yours. I’m asking You today to anoint me and show me how to live and act as Your princess. I’m choosing to believe that You will equip me to do everything You call me to do and keep me strong enough to finish my journey of faith. Thank You for embracing me as Your daughter and for loving me with Your life.

Because You first chose me . . . I choose to follow You today. I love You and I feel privileged to call You the Lord of my life and my Savior.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Your princess . . . who says “yes”

Taken from His Princess: Prayers to My King by Sheri Rose Shepherd